Show recordings and scheduled recordings in chronological list

Please allow recordings and scheduled recordings to be shown as a chronological list. The current per-show groupings are great in some situations, but especially with scheduled recordings I really miss the date/time ordered todo list that is standard on most other DVRs (MS Media Center, Xfinity, etc.). The per-show grouping is useless for figuring out what’s going to be recorded next and when.


What streaming platform are you using? I think this functionality is standard fare on the Roku implementation of Tablo . . .

RECENT recordings and COMING SOON scheduled on the Roku. MOST RECENT recordings for the Ipad.

I use several clients including Windows 10, iOS, & Xbox One. I have a Roku downstairs which I don’t use very often, but I’ll go check it out, thanks. If Roku does in fact have this functionality then I’d still like to request that Tablo support other platforms.

Great, I’ll go take a look at those. I most often use the XBox One client though, so I hope they’re working on that one.


Agreeded. On the Roku, these are my 4th or 5th most used function.

And they are coming to Android TV soon. Feature parity between the apps has been communicated as a high priority so you should see it across all apps soon hopefully

Nobody addressed the second half of this request, which was SCHEDULED recordings. The last time I looked, there was no feature for chronologically listing upcoming recordings that would be equivalent to the “Recent” list of existing recordings.

There is in the Roku Tablo app.

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Android TV/Fire TV Preview app has them as well now.

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And so does Apple TV :slight_smile:

Well look at that… there’s an “All” and a “Coming Soon”. Any idea when that was added?

2016 :slight_smile: (For Roku at least…)

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