Show multiple programs simultaneously - Almost like PiP?

Honestly, not working well at all. Chcnked for bandwidth issues and I suspect there must be some, but I can’t see it. One after the other the windows freeze and crash. The 4th window never actually started up and after a while, Google Chrome gave the “oh snap” message. Then the 3rd window froze when I tried switching sound.

If it was only so easy… :slight_smile:
Two remaining windows…

Tablo isn’t an “unlimited streaming” box. Just in case others are using it. Also, there are browser limitations with regards to certain things (max http sessions, etc). Firefox allows the most control, but obviously Tablo is more Chrome centric (relying on some old tech stuff, or at least it did).

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Well, a few points on that. My understanding is Tablo can allow 6 concurrent watchers? Regardless, it was just me by myself, and so I wanted to hook up 4 streams to my desktop,

I think there’s a legitimate use case to allow for something like picture-in-picture where the Tablo consolidates output of 1-4 tuners and sends a single stream to a client.

Since I only had like 6 tabs in my browser, I don’t think I exceeded the limits on HTTP either. But I don’t really want to look into the issues with running concurrent browser windows to the same desktop, unless Tablo guys want me to. I can think of a number of reasons it can break and/or glitch. It’s not the normal use case. Picture-in-picture is a use case, though.

I was just making sure. If I ever get off my duff eventually we’ll have this to kick around (not a Nuvyyo product though).


That’s what I want! When do I want it? Now! :slight_smile:

I’m sure tablo development will have this implemented in 5 Venus days.

I second this. This would be awesome!. Make it configurable so you can show frames from OTT apps like vue and sling!

in that old demo video, it was showing two OTA channels along with Netflix and APV. I’ll try to get out a better eye candy video showing 4 OTA plus Netflix and APV. If I really get back into the project, I’ll certainly be able to share even more things…

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More football!
(and some Orville)

3 OTAs being shown, 2 Tablo and one Live ESPN via SlingTV

That audio, mate… drives me bonkers! You must be a 21st century schizoid man to understand that.

I know it’s weird, but some want to know that all the audio is available (I guess some can sort of make sense of it all).

Do you have more information on this> I’ve looked at the website (yours) and there isn’t much on this project, or at least not much that I found.

I’d be interested how you consolidate tablo and non-tablo signals. I assume for the tablo, you have multiple pass-through clients and then youw own unique display app? so that’s probably rignt now running on a PC monitor? Then the app to run that on a TV is a different development project?

Lots of questions… :slight_smile:

Maybe this thing has 8 tuners. Maybe it’s PC hardware. Maybe it’s SFF. Maybe it’s Intel based (no discrete graphics). Maybe there is more that I can’t talk about.

Is it Picture-in-Picture(PIP), Picture-outside-Picture(POP), Multiview, or ???.

I guess we’ll have to wait for Penn and Teller’s season ending show for them to expose whether they know the secret of the illusion.

Composite screen rendering. Think of it as multiple viewports (can contain anything)… the idea of PIP or POP really doesn’t make sense.

Each OTA stream is being played from disk where the capturing is going. Thus every stream can be paused and moved backwards and forwards. Since it’s the original ATSC stream, you can also speed up/down each stream independently (with chipmunk or “groot” audio accordingly).

No magic really. Anyone can build this.

Even when you identify OTA TV episodes you want to record probably 50% of the actual show is junk. I can’t imagine having multiple streams and visually switching back and forth trying to decide which display has the least amount of crap.

Firefox now support multiple PiP instances

each can be moved and re-sized as needed. No extra extensions needed although container tabs may be recommended for each tablo tab. I don’t know why we’d need all this, but I stopped at 2 :mask:

Considering the quality of the various shows 1 is almost too much.

Now to get the shows to bouncer around like a screen saver would be a neat trick.

I think you’re looking for what’s termed self-medicatied :pill: I’m not recommending it nor even suggesting it! :stop_sign: But could possible create the effect you desire …and then some. :warning:
It may increase show quality as well :slight_smile:

I don’t have much use for it, I often have 2 screens for variouse reasons and/or music playing. However, it seems to be a thing for “the sports” and the question come around from time to time.