QUAD-DISPLAY for TV-Connected Tablo OTA DVR

How difficult would it be to allow the TV-Connected Tablo OTA DVR to display both (or all four tuners as the case may be) on the screen at the same time? The audio could be whatever is in the bottom right or whatnot.

This would be helpful for sports fans or while looking for stories on the local newscasts. You can watch all four major affiliates at the same time.

I love it! How hard would it be to implement?

Thank you.
Alan Henney
Takoma Park, MD

It might be possible but it would require the interface to have picture-in-picture capability which it doesn’t at the moment.

It could definitely be cool for sports fans or during major news events.

…if HDMI devices were to be able to be viewed on PCs, users could likely use browsers PiP function or possibly using container tabs for multiple instances, as is possible with the devices having this feature.

Maybe you can coordinate it in time for the next payout of US’s free gonvernment money :neutral_face:
there was a time no one thought there’s ever be an HDMI tablo and after what we’ve lived though in 2020… can’t really let count out anything

This is something I had not thought of… so I tried it.
It works like a charm in the Chrome browser.
Just bring up the Tablo web app (my.tablotv.com) in two different tabs, then select Chrome’s PiP feature.
I’m watching ‘The Price Is Right’ and the local news in the PiP. And the little picture can be dragged into whatever position you like.
What a clever idea. I’ll have to remember this one.


I don’t recall the specifics ( I thing it was trying to schedule in 2 tabs) if you have issues with multiple tabs with the same table, Firefox has container tabs which isolate each so as no to interact with each other. I believe Chorme as well has an icon in each tab to mute - to control the volume to which watch?

Firefox has supported this natively, without extensions for a while, there’s a floating tool and the viewport is resizable.

I believe each device can handle up to 6 steams with certain restrictions.

:smiley: enjoy :exclamation: