•Show Folders •Recording Defaults - Please!

I’m taking the TiVO back today and keeping the Tablo… Here are the two things that I would love to see in the Tablo interface:

• Folders for shows so I don’t have to look at the long list of the same program in “recent recordings” and elsewhere.

• The ability to set my own recording defaults:*Keep three shows, *Keep five shows etc…

I guess auto delete On/Off are my only default recording choice. Is that correct?

These features exist, but you need a subscription of course. Are you using a Tablo without a subscription?

Yes, month to month now. New month begins Sept 10

• Folders - If I decide to Live In “Recent Recordings” (which makes sense to us) All we see is a show by show view. So if Judge Judy records 5 times in a row it seems it would be better to see her in a folder rather then needing to scroll thru a bunch of Judge Judy pictures or “Cards” in "Recent Recordings…

• Recordings - Most Recent. I just now noticed that the User Interface (on Apple TV) shows Recent Recordings in a show by show view (5 Judge Judy’s in a row, for instance) BUT on the Web App AND on my iPhone Tablo App the shows show up in “show folders”… Hmmmmm

• Recording defaults - I do see keep 1, 3, 5… recordings but I guess I am asking if this must be on a show by show basis? If so, it seems it would be nice to have this as a selection under “Recording Defaults” to “Keep 1,3,5… Recordings” NOT just “Auto Delete - ON or OFF”

Thanks for your help and suggestions !

Gives a vague descriptions: Apple TV


  • Access to most Tablo screens and features

PC & MAC and IOS both


  • Access to all Tablo screens and filters including settings

There doesn’t appear to be any further information as to what this entails.

As for the rest… yea, many users have discovered, what we each believe to be, tablo’s short-comings. Each more serious or important than anything else… or just annoyances. The #feature-requests section appears mostly a place to vent - get in line.

Enjoy the good parts and/or discover work-arounds. I have grievances with my device (I have OCD type of methods to get it to work the way I want) still for the most part, it does a great job - when used as designed and marketed.

Great reply, Thanks!

I tested Tivo and Tablo fully and Tablo won. I Love it!

Tablo does have the goal of providing all filters in all the apps.

The problem is that there is a never ending supply of user feature request that attempt to bend tablo in their personal DVR with individual specific features.

At times it reaches the point of being catch-22.

I agree completely But having said that, I can not think of a reason why episodes of a show should ever not be in a folder. Many times a tv show (I will use Judge Judy as a example again) may come on multiple times, one after the other, on any given day and channel…

There is never a need or a reason why someone would want to scroll thru those episodes to get past them to the next show. They need to be in folders.

Shows are in folders most everywhere in the Tablo UI. Everywhere except in Recordings / Recent. Here shows are listed one show at a time…

Today for example: Judge Judy, Judge Judy, Judge Judy, Judge Judy…

Instead of one folder - Judge Judy - Make sense?

Recent is reverse chronologic, so a list makes sense. If you want folders, use the “All” view.

Agreed I like and prefer the list rather than a folder for recent recordings.

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For “Recent”, I prefer the reverse chronologic list, for all other views I prefer folders.

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Which interface actually has a show icon multiple times? I use a PC and Roku mostly, and I just see one folder icon per show, even under recent recordings.

Roku: Recordings>Recent will show a reverse chronological listing without folders and if several episodes of the same program were recently recorded you will see multiple icons for the same show. By the way, this is how I prefer to see it but I think @Macsterguy does not like this.

Gotcha. It’s very rare that happens to me, so I don’t think I have noticed that before.

“ALL” takes recordings out of order. Not most recent at top OR first. But, Thanks for the suggestion

I think I understand what you said about how Roku does it (I have AppleTV)… If it means I don’t have to look at a long list of pictures of Judge Judy, I like that ! (not that I don’t like Judy, Ya gotta love Judy).

I’m just glad that House Hunters isn’t available OTA. If so, there would be 100 a day (my wife loves that show)…

I Love the Tablo Quad and with the really great support from them coupled with this Community these products should just get better and better!

Not out of order. Alphabetical order. Which is better for finding a particular show if you have a lot in there.


I have the same issue with ‘Resent’ recordings on the Roku. If I record several episodes of Big Bang, they are listed individually.
With the browser interface, Resent recordings are shown in a grid view, which I personally prefer.
On the Roku, ‘All’ recordings are shown in alphabetical order, losing the chronological order of the recordings.

I would like to see an option in Resent recording for ‘Listing view’ or ‘Grid view’.
Or… in All recordings, have the option for ‘Alphabetical view’ or ‘Resent view’.

Here’s the question never answered. What are all all Tablo screens and filters/features?
Roku has most Screens and features, listing episodes individually.
Browsers via PC & MAC have all Tablo screens and filters. Where is the screen and/or filter to show episodes individually? …if I’d think that was something practical.

or is that a feature? as Roku has screens and features where as PC & MAC has screens and filters.
[source: https://www.tablotv.com/apps-compatible-devices/]

Ultimately this may be a marketing trade secret, in that case, this is probably a rhetorical question.