Should I replace my Tablo?

My Tablo 4 tuner device has not been working well for the past few months. Two/three channels wont come in strongly enough to get a decent recording that does not pixelate or the sound drops. When I plug the antenna directly into the TV the signal is MUCH better with minimal pixelating or sound issues. I believe our 4 year old Tablo tuner is going out, but I am not sure. The device has been in place with the same antenna replacement for more than 5 years with no issues.

We have done all of the troubleshooting steps with no luck. At what point do we just call it and get a new one?

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If you’re seeing ANY pixelating or sound issues with the antenna directly connected to the TV, then it’s your antenna, not the Tablo.

Invest your money in a better antenna.

Another cheap troubleshooting step you could take is trying a replacement power supply for the Tablo. We had to replace ours after a particularly bad storm because I think we had a power spike. Our Tablo didn’t stop working entirely, just started having problems it hadn’t had before. On a hunch I bought a replacement power supply from Tablo for $12 ( and swapped it in and the problems went away.

Not saying it will be the solution for you but it’s a relatively cheap thing to try.

Another thing to consider is you said the past few months and for most of us that would be the transition from winter to spring where the trees are starting to come back so another angle to consider based on where your antenna is located.

You could also be having hard drive issues. You can reboot (quickly press the blue button) and then unplug your hard drive from the back of the Tablo. If the problem goes away viewing live TV with no hard drive connected then I would suspect your hard drive may be to blame.

We just purchased a new 130 mile range antenna in an effort to resolve this issue. It worked for a while but the issues soon returned

I’m going to try the hard drive trick and see if that helps. I will post my results thanks

What is the make and model of the antenna?

I currently have this 130 mile range antenna. It has worked fine until a few months ago:

I just ordered the following antenna per other posts recommended with a range of 150 miles:

The new antenna arrives on Tuesday. I will post results once installed. Thanks

Those flat indoor antennas are never truly that far range, I had to go to an outdoor antenna to solve my signal issues.

Me too – at least a yagi in the attic.


The 150 mile range antenna arrived and I have installed it. We moved the antenna from its former position of more than five years to an ajacent window and we are now getting a clear signal. So glad the Tablo itself is not failing. I can’t believe the antenna worked for so long then just quit. So far all is good with new (non flat) antenna. Thanks all

I am having a similar problem. When I’m watching one channel and switch to another the first one appears to still be selected. It takes quite a while before it stops. In the meantime the second channel I went to has signal problems. When the first one finally disconnects as seen by it not being red on the channel listing then the reception is good on the new one. Is there someway to have the first one shut off as soon as I select another one?

Mine is probably also about 4 years old. 4 tuner version into a roku.