Should I Disconnect from Tablo before Closing or Exiting the APP?

This question goes for both Amazon Fire TV and Roku. Before exiting the app, rather than to just click the Home button (like I do for everything else) … should I go to settings and disconnect before exiting? Does it make a difference?

The only reason to disconnect is if you want to connect to another Tablo. If you only have one, don’t do it.

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Thanks. So this does not apply to other Connected Devices within the household … but rather, number of Tablo Devices?

No, it’s only there to “forget” the connection so you can connect to another one. It’s basically to remember the Tablo info in the client (streamer box) app. It doesn’t effect other devices trying to connect to the same Tablo.

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Got it. Thank you!

The problem I have in my house is that my wife will only turn the tv off. I get up in the morning and Tablo has been recording live tv all night long. I just don’t like to have the hard drive running if it doesn’t need to.

It’s not possible to “record all night” without you knowing or realizing. In order for the Tablo to record, you must first SET a recording by selecting the program or programs you wish to record. The recording will stop after requested program has ended.

The only way to make the Tablo record beyond the end of a program, is to Manually set a recording by going into that mode, select your own start time, then Intentionally setting an ending time for the next morning.

When watching, Tablo maintains a buffer. If that buffer storage uses the disk as backing (remember, I said if), then even though it’s not going to “fill” your disk, it will be actively using the disk while being viewed and not recording.

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And it may indeed be possible to have it buffer all night if when selecting to watch live TV you select the channel vs the program and it keeps streaming after that particular program ends.

It won’t do this if you return to the Live TV grid, or any other part of the Tablo app.

The tuner will then be released after 30 minutes.

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My wife does this all the time.
However, the buffered time display is inaccurate after 60 minutes.
The buffered time length could display there are 10 hours in the buffer, but it really only has the last 60 minutes.
In this case, if you exit out of watching that Live TV channel, and then go back to watching it, it’ll correctly display 60 minutes of buffering.

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That is correct… Tablo maintains a MOVING 1 hour window of buffer on live TV.

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