Shortcut to LiveTV channel in web browser?

Hi - Using a web browser, is it possible to generate a direct way to “tune in” to a predetermined Live TV channel?  Can I generate a shortcut directly to a webpage that will show me a specific channel?  Happy to explore a python script that would do it, if required.

I’m trying to remotely start a web browser window pre-tuned to a LiveTV channel.
Thank you!

That’s simple for us - since it’s 10 times more easy to watch live TV on a TV… and not mess with needing the Internet or a PC or phone, we simply leave the TV on the channel we’ll want to watch net when we turn it off.  ;-)

I guess so far the hoops needed to jump through to get something from the Tablo to a TV are so numerous and require other devices, it’s just a lot easier to turn TV on with remote, and sit and watch, nothing needed other than a chair and the remote.

But it not watching on a TV, I can see a “shortcut” being good. I suspect that it would take exploring what is being sent to the Tablo when you choose a channel in a browser window - wireshark or Microsoft’s network packet capture tool could tell you what’s going on! Watch for any traffic headed to the Tablo but in the case of a browser it’s NOT going to the Tablo, it’s going to their web site. If it says then it’s not going directly to your Tablo. the browser doesn’t communicate directly like that as I understoof from their support. That’s why when the Internet is down or their server isn’t available, neither is your Tablo! Tablo web - the browser requires the Internet to control Tablo. Only the streaming of a show bypasses the Internet. 
If our browser can’t hit their web server we have no access to our Tablo at all. If a show is already streaming it will continue to do so but that’s it. No other control over your Tablo if you lose the Internet unless it’s an iPad or other device that will work directly with the Tablo. But if it says “Tablo web” then it means just that, it must have Internet

Can I type a URL into my browser to get directly to a specific LiveTV channel?

@AlainMontreal, no you can’t.  The best you can do is have it start up with the LiveTv grid showing (the choice of startup is in settings).

This is something I would really like. I want to set up a batch to start a certain channel every morning. It is really tedious to have to start chrome, browser for the channel and click play.

If anyone figures out a way to open a channel directly from a URL please post here.