Shield with Engine hangs on live TV - infinite wait

I don’t know if any others have this issue so posting this in hopes of a fix.

When watching live TV on my shield (16gb) it will suddenly hang and show the wait/load circle thing indefinitely until I back out of the channel. Seems to happen at roughly the 3 hour mark of continuous watching of the same channel. I can back out of that channel, select a different channel and it will play fine, then select another different channel (because of dual tuner) and it will play fine, then go back to the original channel and it will play fine again for about another 3 hours. Not sure what the issue is but it seems to be some sort of buffering/recording of live TV error. My other thought was a tuner problem (I am using a Hauppagge 1595) or usb hard drive issue (I am using a Seagate 1tb usb3 drive).
Anyone else have this issue?

I have found this happens on my unit when the digital signal from the station transmitter has a fluctuation. I usually see a bit of pixilation then a lock up.

Does this always happen on the same channel after ~3 hours? Or does this happen on any/all channels?

This has also happened to me after the 3 hr mark or so,something to do w/ it “timing out” on live tv.I’ve read you can change this setting,but how exactly within the Tablo Engine app is beyond me.(btw same set up, Nvidia Shield 16gb-but w/ an external 1tb hd) This app is in need of an update NOW.

First noticed this when watching the Super Bowl pregame and game and again several times watching the Olympics…both of which happened to be on NBC (my channel 6).

I will have this happen once in a while. It usually is on specific channels. Before it fully locks up it will have periods of time where it will momentarily has the spinning circle of death and then resumes. It happens more frequently when another show is recording. I don’t believe it is a signal problem as I can switch over to my OG Tablo and it is perfectly fine.

We’re going to put some focus on trying trying to reproduce this in-house.

This happens to us every night. We usually just exit out of the app back to the Shield homescreen and turn everything off (i think the Shield actually just goes to sleep). What i’m guessing is what others have said that the app stays running in the background and something times out eventually. in our case we dont notice it until the following evening when we turn the TV on again. If i come back to it an hour or 2 after turning off it seems ok I believe. We have to just exit fully out of the app and back in again and ok again. We usually end the night on the same channel so for us its ABC but i’ll try switching to another channel tonight before i exit out and see what happens and report back

However another somewhat related/annoying issue we run into is we’ll be watching and the live recording will just halt saying that live tv has stopped after 5hrs to save the hard drive or something? that or we’ll be watching live tv and get the spinning wheel and only way to get out of it is to back out to the guide, switch to another channel quick and when that loads switch back to the original channel and ok again. Hopefully those both can be fixed as my signal strength is almost perfect the last I tested when plugging my Hauppage tuner into a laptop in that same spot and used their signal tester so in this case i dont think its a signal issue. I’m happy to help troubleshoot / test anything w/ any of these issues if you need testers