Shield Tv Remote

Hello, I thought I had done my research and settled on this remote for my Shield Tv.

And then discovered only Tablo does not play nice with it. Works with Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime. The issue with Tablo is the OK button when playing a recording. It does not do anything, i expected it to “Pause” and “Play” with the OK button. Before I return this and make the same mistake on the next remote.

Why is Tablo different with it’s OK button then the other Apps? Any tips on the next remote?

Thank you.

Do you get the same result (non-result) when you’re in Mouse function or just hard-click function? Wondering if it makes a difference, most of these uni-remotes work, one way or the other

Though it won’t be as compact and slick as the original Shield remote, any one of the many Harmony Universal Remotes will replicate all functions of the original. Here’s an example:

My personal experience with this: Configured to Chanel Master Stream + DVR / Box, Air TV player, Bluray player, Fire Edition TV, Xiaomi Mi Box and LG OLED TV.

You’ll note that the Mi Box remote is very similar to both the Shield remote and that which you ordered. A Harmony remote may not be an acceptable substitute, if you’re wanting something similar to the original Shield, but it will work.

Yes same result either way. And the Preview App from Tablo unfortunately did not work either. Kind of annoying to pull out the game controller just for Tablo,