Shield TV and Hauppauge USB Tuner not working

I recently purchased the WinTV usb tuner and a shield TV. I have been using the tuner with live channels and it works great. I decided to try out tablo tv engine and it appears that the app doesn’t recognize the tuner. It tells me to connect a tuner and it stays on waiting for devices. Any ideas?

The Tablo Engine app only works with the Tablo tuner stick.

Sept 20th.

Engine also works w/ the Hauppage WinTV-DualHD as well as the branded Tablo tuner (which many think is just a rebranded version of the Hauppage tuner). I have the Hauppage USB tuner and works great w/ Engine but its the only other one that works other than the Tablo one

Thats exactly the one I have that isnt being picked up by tablo engine

There must be something different about it, mate. Maybe Haupagge changed the WinTV model so it wouldn’t be compatible with the Tablo.

Ding ding ding. The newer models are indeed not compatible with the ENGINE app.

Sorry @jerrkawz!

TabloTV guys, this is a huge deal. People are reading articles and old forum posts about Tablo Engine that indicate the Hauppage WinTV tuner is compatible. Then they’ll make a purchase that won’t work and you’re just smugly saying ‘ding ding ding sorry,’ so they’re going to be miffed and decide to spend their yearly subscription money elsewhere.

@thinkfaster Sorry, you’re absolutely right.

The ‘ding, ding’ was intended for our mate @JohnLuther who guessed the issue correctly but we can totally see how it can come off as insensitive.

For the record, when we found out about the incompatibility we immediately removed any mention of Hauppauge from our product pages and from the announcement blog. That content is always kept up to date.

Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do about articles on 3rd party sites.

I guess you are saying that from now forward Hauppage USB tuners will no longer be compatible with the Tablo Engine.

But if Nuvyyo wants users to invest in the Tablo tuner, which is nothing more then a white label Hauppage USB tuner, what non-tablo software will it be compatible with?

@TabloTV @thinkfaster Was right, thats pretty much what happened. I saw a blog post that claimed this was true. It’s not a huge deal to me because I can use the android app LiveChannels, or Plex Live TV. I simply just wanted to try the tablo engine app to see which one I liked the most.

You could try to contact the blog author to set the record straight. This is the blog post in reference:

The older models should still work, but the newer ones won’t.

It could be possible to fix this in the future, but unfortunately we have other priorities at the moment.

We’ll touch base with Will today.

Sorry you ran into this problem :frowning:

So if we have a Hauppauge tuner and it’s working fine with shield/engine, safe to assume it’s the older / compatible model and we should be good going forward with it?


Just to confirm, absolutely.

It’s got the right system level codes to make everything work together.

Unfortunately they all look the same so it’s not easy for anyone to tell which are compatible and which aren’t unless you plug it in and set it up.

ok great thank you!