Sharing Tablo Video with Other Tablo Users; Cut and Paste Like a File

This is my third post on this forum.

I am excited about these presidential debates and all the local coverage as well. The question is this: can I cut and paste tablo video with other users and share it so that it can be replayed on my own personal Tablo TV unit? This is much like sharing MP3 or MP4 files, except that you would be able to swap inportant video from the Tablo unit that you are not able to record because of either recording limitations or not being in a specific area.

If this is not possible, boy what a great idea it would be to have a Tablo TV software developer to do! People could share video with other Tablo TV users. Live broadcasts are so precious and once done, very rarely can that footage be found. Live coverage of the Iraq war, for example, back in 2003 played at 2:30 a.m. EST is probably forever lost in the dustbin of history. Tablo users could coordinate on these forums and record this future material and then it would never be lost. Donald Trump stated in this first dabate he was against the Iraq war. However, I am sure there is CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News footage from 2003 saying otherwise. Who knows really, maybe the main three networks caught him in that lie from then. LOL! No, I am not advocating either political candidate, I am just saying that with digital video these days, lots of these lies may be exposed immediately through a good archiving system. Tablo is offering that possibility.

I greatly look forward to your comments, especially the Tablo TV staff.

I can’t imagine that this would be legal directly. Plex has this option and it’s in a dark grey zone. I wouldn’t think that Tablo would take on that risk; just look at the death of Aero. Just imagine the issues with sharing an NFL game across markets; death would soon follow.

This can be done with third-party structure like Plex once it’s loaded to your Plex server, but at that point you have a file that you can technically share, but not really legally.

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Plex isn’t a grey zone. What people do with the feature makes it either “ok” or “no ok” (there is no grey).

In Tablo’s case, it records OTA. Thus the moment you “share” you are rebroadcasting and redistributing copyrighted content (not ok). If it’s an NFL Football game the punshiment is a large hydrogen bomb dropped on your house.

Oh… maybe there is something that “ok” to redistribute that comes over the air (maybe a test pattern?)… but I’d be suprised.

I meant for Plex and how the content providers could view the sharing of content. I wouldn’t be surprised if [insert giant media company here] went after Plex directly. Although they don’t provide the content, they provide the means.

My point is sharing “content” isn’t illegal. Now…sharing content for which you do not have the rights to share isn’t ok though.

That is to say, your Plex could be full of home movies you share (for example)… ok. Sharing your “obtained” collection of Game of Thrones… not ok.