Several Tablo questions, first week of using it

I’m getting use to the interface and how things work. It’s different then what I’m use too but overall it’s pretty good. I’d really like to see a scheduled recordings grid so I could easily see what’s scheduled to record and when. I could use the live TV grid if it went out the full 14 days.

Is the only place to check the Tablo clock in the live recordings grid? Is it adjustable?

Table recorded a show on ME TV between 7 and 8pm tonight. It started fine and I started watching it on my iPad a little after the recording started. However, Tablo stopped the recording after 51 minutes when it should have recorded for 65 minutes since there was only 1 show recording at 7 and 1 at 8 so I had tuners available.

On Friday Tablo was scheduled to record Hawaii 5-0 which was a 2 hour episode but it recorded 3 hours!

I’ve recorded a few other shows and they seem to have worked fine but if this thing is unreliable then I’m going to have to seriously consider returning it and trying another option like maybe Hulu+.

Don’t get me wrong, I like what I’ve seen so far. I like watching shows on my iPad, got a Roku for one of the TVs and I’m waiting on an updated Apple TV before I get one for the other TV. This system looks like it’s going to be better then BTV because I don’t have to have a computer running 24/7 but BTV proved to be VERY reliable over the years that we used it. I do see great potential for Tablo.

Was the episode of Hawaii Five-O the season finale? Tablo treats the season finale as “Live Events” and they get an extra 50% added on. Why? I am not sure.

It was a finale. I like the live show +50% and that season finales are treated like live shows.

So now I just have to figure out why it cut off Black Sheep Squadron.

The clock is not adjustable, the time is based on your location per postal code or zip code. But 5 minutes are added to the end of recordings so you shouldn’t lose anything if the clock is 1 min off the network clock.

The time zone that shows up on the front end device say a Roku or Fire TV is also based on the time zone set on that device.

If you know it is going to be the season finale, you could always do a manual recording instead of the guide. Perhaps @TabloTV can explain why season finale is treated as a live event. They never go over. The only thing I’ve ever seen go over are live sporting events. Of course if the President speaks, then the network recap, they are all messed up. It has been requested to be able to adjust the start and end times if you KNOW how long the sporting event ran over.

Thanks for pointing that out. I had never noticed that before, but the season finales I recorded these past couple of weeks all were 50% extra long. I do wonder how that is programmed into the Tablo, since the rest of each series is recorded normally.

We just don’t want anyone to miss the end of a season finale… Can you imagine not finding out who shot JR? :wink:

@GregM - Not sure what happened with the show on METV. If you’d like you can place a ticket w/ support so we can pull the logs and find out.