Several issues with new 4th Gen. Quad tuner

I have several issues with my Tablo TV device;


more information. I opened a support ticket after posting. This information they requested…

Here is a list of equipment I’m using,

Tablo TV device; 4th Gen. Quad tuner, TF1284B-01-CN, with a fast Ethernet connection. My firmware is up to date, 2.2.50. The last six digits of the Mac address 529EE3

The app is Tablo TV for the white case, non-legacy running on a Fire stick :app version 1.1.4, fire TV device AFTMM, Android OS 7.1.2.

Flash drive model, P-FD256PROV2-GE :

My antenna is, Antennas Direct Element Uni-Directional UHF VHF. My router is TMobile’s KVD21.


  1. All of my recordings disappear. This has occurred three times since I’ve owned the device, about two weeks.
  2. The audio and video frequently fall out of sync. This occurs across all recordings, antenna channels and streaming channels. The only fix I have found is a reboot.
  3. When playing a video, I have audio and no video on my cell phone, Ulefone power armor 14 pro.

I had asked about my cell phone issue a few days ago without a support response. Does customer support even read this forum? Since my device is so new I need to find a solution to the issues or return the device. Will I be required to use telephone support? Hopefully not.

I have noticed that the device feels quite warm. Is this normal or could this be the core problem?

Welcome to the owners of Tablo 4th gen that are having issues that don’t seem to be fixed with both firmware and software updates. While my device is still usable all of the fixes released since last year have not resolved all of the issues. In fact not sure anything has really been fixed. I still get picture stutter, freezing, and kicking out of the app on a regular basis. And other very strange things happen like errors out of no where.

So support may be up to their you know what with phone calls etc. trying to deal with all of the issues being put to them.

Not sure why in the world people would be asking for new features when the current features are not working well on all supported (supposedly) devices.

Tablo states that external storage should be a hard drive with 1 to 8 TB. Flash drives are not supported.

Tablo 4th Generation

Owners of 4th generation Tablo devices have two options for recording storage:

  • 50 hours of included onboard storage
  • USB-connected portable hard drives (USB 2.0 or 3.0, 1TB to 8TB in size)

@3rdRockOKC Thanks for that information. I researched what you said and you’re right. Therefore, I removed the flash drive and intend to use the onboard memory for now until I can determine the issues are resolved. I doubt it will correct all my issues but it certainly could explain the missing recordings. Thanks again

Thanks to 3rdrock for the advise to remove my thumb drive. I’ve had no more issues with missing recordings since reverting back to the internal storage.

Unfortunately, the rest of the issues still remain. I am surprised that no Tablo representatives responded. I’m aware there are other support methods. It’s just foreign to me why anyone would host a forum on their own website and ignore customers. So much for customer service.

I took a $35 Oyen USB 3 case off Amazon and threw in a 1TB 2.5" SSD I had laying around (Samsung) and it works perfectly. Gets all the power it needs off the Tablo. No need for an adapter. Might want to give that a try.

Welcome to the Gen 4 Tablo. Most of the bugs are still not worked out for some and yet some people state that it works fine for them. Maybe one day Tablo will get all the bugs worked out but as of right now I use my Airtv 2 player which works great

Just adding another voice to the discussion, not that it may matter. The quality is not what I would expect for a production device, I experience weird, sporadic incidents every day. I would assume Tablo could manage quality better if they could concentrate their efforts on a single app rather than trying to develop apps for many devices. Im using the Amazon Firestick and get almost daily boots. Just received update for both Tablo and Firestick and honestly things got worse.

From my experience from working for a very large networking vendor… even at a multi BILLION $$ company… there was 1 app dev for each mobile platform. 1 person for each platform.

If that company had 1, it was a multi billion $$ company, I wonder how many Tablo has. Probably 1 for each platform. They maybe contracting out too. Again a 1 man show for a platform.

This doesnt surprise me at all

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