Setup up recording on AppleTV app

I am sorry if my question has been addressed, but I did some searching and can’t seem to find any answers on it. I have a 2 tuner Tablo with a couple of AppleTVs. I have noticed that when I select a show to view the recording options, the Tablo instead immediately starts viewing live tv on that channel. I am unable to figure out how to schedule a recording through the AppleTV interface directly from the guide screen. I do not subscribe to the monthly service. I see a note about “Subscribe now to receive guide data and enable more features”. Am I expected to subscribe to enable this functionality? This worked fine last time I tried it on my FireTV devices without a subscription. Thanks!


I dont think that feature is yet supported … the appleTV app is still “beta”

What you describe works on my ATV but I do have a subscription:

  • Find the show you want on the guide
  • Select it to bring up the recording options

Might be a limitation of an unsubscribed ATV.

Hey there! Without a subscription, you’ll need to set up manual recordings - see here. The Tablo Apple TV app can create individual and series recordings using the subscription, but there’s no support for manual recordings just yet.

You can get around this by creating manual recordings using the Tablo smartphone, tablet and web apps (

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I use my tablet or phone to schedule all recordings. Much easier.