Setup tip to Bypass Tablo Tuner to Watch Live TV?

Anyone have any setup tips on using a splitter to watch live OTA TV by bypassing Tablo? Tablo live tv doesn’t work that well for me. It’s slow to load and often errors out (lost connectivity). I mainly use Tablo just to record programs and watch later. I want to be able to just switch between INPUTS and watch live tv directly from my antenna … Thx from NC

Put in a splitter, and connect one coaxial cable to the Tablo and one coaxial cable to the HDTV.

If that doesn’t work well, then you can look at a distribution amplifier.

What is the make and model of your OTA antenna? Does it have a pre-amp on it?

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Thx theuser86… I hired a guy to install on the roof about 2 yrs ago… so I don’t know the make/model. It’s a micro omni- directional piece and it does have a signal amp. It works very well. I get Charlotte programming and Winston-Salem…

theuser86 describes my setup exactly minus the DA. Didn’t need one. I still get at least 4 of 5 bars signal strength with zero pixelation on either. My antenna is an outdoor “cheapie” from Wally World mounted on the rooftop of my two story townhouse. Suggest you try the KISS principle before adding DA’s etc.

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Thx for the dialog friends. Splitter in place and working great. Got my pip on …

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