Setup outside your home Connection

“To enable access to your Tablo when outside your home network you will need to enable the Tablo Connect feature in the settings screen”. My problem is I can’t find this section in the settings screen. Can someone please help.


It is called “TabloConnect” with a check box for “Remote Access” just above the Guide info.and below the General info sections

Thanks Anderson’s 25 for response. See screenshot it is not showing, strange any idea?

My guess is that since not all tablo apps support remote connect those that don’t will not display the option to turn it on.

Do you have a valid subscription? Tablo Connect is only available to those with a subscription.


Zippy and theuser86, thank you for your input.

theuser86 I guess that could it be. No I don’t have a valid subscription. I didn’t see anywhere a requirement for that and it would be somewhat misleading. Do you know where this is documented?

Thanks again for the response

Out-of-Home Streaming

Tablo Connect is a subscription-only feature

Tablo Guide Data Subscriptions

Tablo Connect (out-of-home streaming) :x: :heavy_check_mark:

note: x = no subscription | check = with subscription