Settings on Roku

Will an option for settings ever be available on Roku Tablo Preview channel Beta?

It is something I would love to see as well.

I believe they’re looking to bring feature parity to the Roku app so that the user experience will be equivalent across platforms. For now, I find it easier to do deletions of multiple episodes, scheduling, searching for new shows, etc., on the web interface using Chrome.

Understood, but that should not be necessary

I know… it’s just an interim solution until they bring those features to the Roku app. But even when they do, the live program grid only shows 24 hours worth of shows, while unshown, they have 2 weeks worth of guide data available. So if a new show is going to premier a week or two from now, it’ll still probably be easier to search on the web interface. Personal preference I guess.

Every time roku users ask that the new roku app have the same features as the WEB app including the setting page, there is always someone who fully doesn’t understand and says it’s not necessary.

I use 720p recording quality five days a week. And only on the weekends, when football is the normal, do I set the quality over to 1080p. So just why can’t I do that using my roku.

The team is working on adding a few of the settings options to the screen for the next few updates.

That being said, some of the ‘set it & forget it’ settings like the channel scan likely won’t be added in the short term so we can instead focus on adding/improving features around playback & setting recordings.

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Ah, at last. I’m not going to have to wait for the android app to work on my LG440G phone.

If you know the name of a show premier you can search for it by name. For example, I knew Munsters was premiering today from fb post on COZITV. So I scheduled it since I work when it is on.

Yup, that’ll work too… I just like to look through all the pretty pictures to see if something new is upcoming