Setting up remote access with Google wifi

I am trying to setup remote access for my Tablo. It told me that I had to configure my router manually. So on my google wifi router I made a DHCP reservation for my Tablo, and setup my port forwarding. When I go back into the Tablo app and rerun the remote access setup I still get the same message that I need to manually configure port forwarding on my router. Have tried disabling Upnp to no avail. What am I missing? Thanks!

Sounds like you don’t have port forwarding set up correctly.

Do you have a separate modem? Or a combo modem + router?

What is the make and model of said devices?

Put the ISP modem in bridge mode.

He has a Google Wifi. It’s not available as a combo unit. It functions only as a router. I have a single Google Wifi as well.

I do not have a reserved IP for it and did not set up any port forwarding for it but I do have uPNP enabled. Remote access works for me no problem.

@Leegundus Feel free to send over a screenshot of your port forwarding rules to our support team. We can take a look and make some recommendations.

I have the same issue.

@heath.foster Send this over to our support team with your Tablo’s MAC and we can check it out form our end!

Check the WAN IP Address in the Google Wireless app. If it starts with 10., 192.168., or 172.16. to 172.31., then you most certainly are behind another device that NAT’s in addition to your Google Wireless device.

Agreed. I’ve had zero issues with Tablo and my Google WiFi but WiFi is the only router on my network.

So this is an old thread but I’ve had the same issue and resolvevd it today. I have a Surfboard 6183 modem (not a router and no wifi built in) running Xfinity/Comcast broadband and a 3 unit Google WiFi system. My tablo is hard wired in via cat5.

Previously I could connect to the tablo remotely from outside my house. It would fail from time to time but mostly worked. For the past several months I have not been able my tablo remotely. I had previously setup the port forwarding on my.googke.wifi system but thatndid kit fix it.

Today I turned off UPnP on stlystem.and suddenly my tablo.would connect remotely again. Hope that helps.