Setting up Port Forwarding

Hello Everyone. Newby here. I’ve got the Tablo Dual and it works great in my home. However, I bought this box so that I can watch TV on the go. I am having a hard time getting the Port Forwarding set up on my NETGEAR Router Model: WNDR4300v2 . I’ve read the set up pages from the TABLO site and still can’t get it to go. My question is, are we taking the " PUBLIC PORT " numbers and putting them into the “External Port” and “Internal port” in the router’s Port Forwarding settings? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Private port = internal port (ie. 80, 8887)
External port = public port (ie. 21718, 21717)

Its been a few years since I used this. The way I read what you have posted is you are mapping external port 21718 to internal port 21717.

You will need two port forwarding setup for each Tablo.

service one, external port 21718 internal port 8887
service two, external port 21717 internal port 80