Setting up my Tablo with an Antenna

Thanks in advance. I got my Tablo 2Tv tuner. It works well. I am picking up 116 channels and live in the San Fernando Valley (LA). I am using a cheaper antenna that I purchased before I got my Tablo. Any suggestions on what antenna I should purchase?

Not enough information. 35 years ago most towers relocated to mt. wilson. which I assume is north east of San Fernando Valley. But distance from the towers is most important. As is antenna height, access to the proper direction, and direct line of sight to the towers. You may currently be using a Yagi style directional antenna which may be best for you. And who knows what your price limits are.

I currently use a clearstream 2V with reflector in my 2nd story office. It’s pointed in the right direction but not in a window. So my reception is cut to 35 miles. But the 2V isn’t made anymore. And I don’t know if the 2 maX is as good or there maybe better antennas.

It’s best to go to 2 or more WEB sites, such as channemaster or titantv, that will indicate what they think your address should receive.

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If you are receiving channels, you probably don’t need a replacement antenna. You can use sites such as either “RabbitEars” or “ChannelMaster” to find your local map range. I prefer the Map on “ChannelMaster” personally. They also have various apps available for Mobile that can aide in pointing your OTA Antenna.

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The problem is this is L.A. If you assume there are 70 FAST channels and the OP receives 116 that means he is only receiving 46 OTA channels. If the 46 includes sub-channels and if that number include the sub-channels for asian broadcaster KXLA and KJLA the OP isn’t getting very many channels since these 2 alone represent 17 channels when including sub-channels.

They should be able to receive 20 channels not including sub-channels. Of course you still have to be able to place the antenna in a good location