Setting tablo to use an public IP address

Is there a way to make tablo use a specific IP? I notice sometimes its using my public IP address and works great, but other times it switches to a private IP like then remote access stops working.

Also is anyone else beside me having an issue with tablo stop playing after a minute or two and just freeze or return to the program guide I am using Iphone 8 with the latest IOS,

Thanks for any feedback!


Your tablo uses DHCP to get it’s IP address, it neither sets it’s own nor has a setting for you to set one.

An option is to set a Static Lease Reservation for it on your router.

That would make it stick with whatever 192.168.x.x address you would reserve but not change the fact jreding is saying it uses its public VS private network address…

I am also a newbie to Tablo and was successful in making it work in a scenario where the box is at my friend’s with a great antenna setup and i watch at home a few kms away from there.

are you using in house on your local network? or remote streaming?

A lot depends on the vast variety of network topologies available. Generally your router assigns IPs via DHCP and access devices on your LAN via local address.

If your using your “public” address… it’s possible it’s your WAN IP for your router, setup for remote streaming.

I’m not sure…

it’s a straight-forward fact.

I’m a bit of a networking geek/nerd, would love to see some kind of white paper describing how the tablo implements this remote accessing, and validates who is allowed, and how the server machine at Tablo HQ works insofar as acting on the traffic coming in from the Tablo clients and Tablo box receiving the antenna signal.

I know this part, via F connector, most likely RG6 coax.

The rest, fist you have to have a subscription, after that, I don’t think traffic goes through HQ, it passed the IP off to the client. Next you’ll have a supported device/app, paired with your tablo, network properly configured and hope for the best.

The big deal is that unless your Tablo box is set up to have a static IP address from the public provider, it will (or not) get a the same Ip address every time it reboots or something kills its connection to the net. So there needs to be some mechanism ala dyndns that always knows what IP address goes with a particular domain name, ie jnriopel@dy, which basically offloads the whole task of establishing a conduit between the client and server. Nice that tablo handles this for us somehow, but I would still like to be able to have some control over / knowledge of how this works so that if I want to add a device-tablo connection, I can do it myself (enhancement request?)

Most have their tablo get an IP from their local (private) router. Some networks are more elaborate, if your public provider sets your IP for your local devices… then see if they allow for Static Reservation for local devices.

Sorry, I meant unless your ROUTER is set up to have a static IP … Still, it would be nice if I could control what client apps has access to it somehow without me having to go to my friend’s house with my client device or disconnecting the Tablo and bringing it to my house so I can connect with my PCs once to let the tablo know subsequently that those devices are allowed after I bring back my tablo to my friend’s place with the good antenna.

Absolutely! Users have been requesting for a form of logon/sigh in for tablo connect. As well as some security settings overall.

I understand they’re marketing a device with over the top user friendliness… but that doesn’t actually exists.

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