Setting a DHCP hostname on a tablo quad

@TabloTV @TabloSupport Is it possible to configure a Tablo device to issue a DHCP_hostname when retrieving a DHCP lease? This way, I can identify it from a list of devices?

Also, is it possible to get the Nuvla credentials?


I’ll pass along the DHCP_hostname request to the team.

As for Nuvla credentials… do you mean Nuvyyo credentials? We don’t give out root access credentials to the Tablo at this time, if that’s what you mean!

Nuvla covfefe my friend!

@TabloSupport: Ok, thank you. Exposing it from the GUI or from any other mean would be appreciated.

I thought I’d ask. Challenge accepted. :wink:

LOL. Good one. It was not a typo. Nuvla Slipstream.