Set recording not working

I am not able to set to record late show with Steven colbert. Other shows same and different channels i can record. Why is this. No other recordings at that time. Tried through roku ap and also through android ap. Neither will allow me to record. Changed settings to allow duplicates. Did not help. Suggestions?

Hi there, when you try to record this airing, does the show ever move to ‘Scheduled’? Do you receive an error message of any kind? Or does the airing show up as a failed recording afterwards? The more detail you can provide on this, the quicker we’ll be able to help. Feel free to post an image/video showcasing the issue if possible.

Is this the new white Tablo, or the older black ones?

I’ve have seen this happen on a gen 4 using roku app. When the episode to record is selected the standard message pops up with the record button. When selected the button toggles to don’t record like it should. But the actual item never appears in the scheduled menu. And no recording is made.

Today the recording request that disappears into the ether with no message is:
sports/channel/fubo/ncaa/san jose state at unlv.

I’m sure there would be others.

This is the new gen 4, white unit.
The sympton was from guide i selected the show then press record. No message or error. Record button stays record, does not switch to dont record. Does not show up in scheduled recordings.

Just had software updated a couple days ago.

Rebooting did not solve.

So I deleted all channels and then did a rescan of channels. Referring to a email a few weeks back.

This solved the problem and i am able to set tonights recording of the show.

Thanks .

I noticed a problem when several shows were set to record back to back and the ending time of one overlapped the start time of another by a minute or so. As a result, no tuner was available, but there was no warning. I went into the record options and clipped both shows by a minute on both ends and it started recording all of them. That may not be your problem, but I thought I would point it out as a possibility.