Service hangs, asking for retry

I occasionally receive the following screenshot, when viewing various channels, on various devices throughout my house -

I just hit enter on my remote, and 9 times out 10, it recovers and continues on with no other issues.
This leads me to believe I have the best reception I can get, considering it is an indoor antenna.
Most of my channel lineup has moderate to great reception/quality, and is stable.

Since the Retry recovery is the same for all my dissimilar streaming devices, why can’t Tablo programmers install a simple AI program (if/then) that simulates me pressing the Retry button?

I assume my successful manual “Retry” means that signal qualityy is good. Let the AI program reset the connection and sense/redrive. Just one iteration of this self recovery program would alleviate a lot of inconvenience.


I was just thinking about this today. It’s a pain, especially during recordings. I like your idea. I was thinking that they should have a time delay before reporting/asking for a retry. Sometimes the signal just glitches for a couple of seconds. My old DVR would just keep going. Tablo seems a lot fussier and throws errors, instead of just continuing.