Server Issue - 'Failed to Load' on Playback - June 7, 2024

Hi folks -

There is a known server issue at the moment causing ‘failed to load’ errors when attempting to play back content from the live TV and shows screens.

You can bypass this by selecting the channel ID from the far left of the live TV grid, instead of selecting a program ID.

The product team has already deployed changes to fix this, but the issue may take up to 90 minutes or so to resolve.

All should be well by 6 p.m. ET.

I assume you are talking about FAST channels.

I can think of no earthly or sane reason for an OTA channel to need to access tablo servers. The guild should already exist on the tablo unit.

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@TabloTV, if I can’t watch OTA live TV without a Tablo server functioning properly…

I’ll neh-heh-ver upgrade from my OG firmware.


No. I experienced it on OTA channels. Effected my Iphone Tablo app.

I don’t use phones or tablets to watch TV. But if this was the behavior for devices like roku or fire TV stick there is only one word to describe the situation - hopeless.

But I’m not going to turn my gen 4 on to find out. I’ll just wait for some actual real fixes and enhancements.

Do you know how many different app and firmware versions that have changed since you plugged yours in months ago? How can you keep complaining about a product you’re not even using?

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Good try.

I primarily use the roku and fire tv stick app. Every app update I turn it on and try the app.

Fire TV app update may 29th. Roku april 10th. And I’m not sure there has been a firmware update since march.

So yes I turned the unit on from sometime around the first of may through june 3. In that time I tried to record some moves from FAST channels. Out of 22 attempts only 2 recorded completely in one segment.

Of course I did try some sports. And yes the 30 minutes extend live is not sufficient, making the unit useless sports. Of course I’m still searching for the app designation that event is actually “live”.

Zippy’s gonna zip!

Watch out @269587 , here’s what 40 years of combined experience gets you… a user that has distains’ / borderline hatred for a product but keeps posting / complaining about it. His Tablo is on all of the sudden but has been off since 5 seconds before dirty was created.

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The only logical reason the gen4 Tablo requires a server connection to watch anything is so they can monetize your viewing habits. Why do you think the guide is free?


I’ve owned a 2-tuner gen 4 since the first of October. Expecting some measurable progress in bug fixes and features content in the original apps over 8 months should be expected.

The original gen 1 made more progress in it’s first 8 months.

And there were a lot less systems to write software for back then.

Now you’ve got a combination of devices so foreign to what existed back then, it’s completely impossible to test for every situation. And of course, you’ve got people unwilling to upgrade STBs or look into their home network.