Server Down Again?

Watching the Masters. Tablo seems to be down again. Recast is fine. Tablo error message was “poor reception …”. Really?


Back up now.


Had to reset the Tablo to get live CBS to work. All other stations came back fine.

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Some people here that have Recasts like me will soon learn the Recast while it has problems is very good to keep as the Tablo 4th gen has lots more issues even with all of the nice features. I have had so many issues with the 4th gen that make me wonder what the Tablo company is doing about fixing things. It has been 6 months of ownership and problems for me and I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. The fixes that have been released have not fixed a thing for me and it seems they have not helped others either. It seems whether you are using Roku or FireTV sticks there are issues. I also have an ONN box and while that mostly works better I have had a few blips with that too.

Tablo 4th gen WAS not well tested and still is NOT well tested even after many months of sales.

Would a “poor reception” error come from a server outage?

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Maybe on a FAST station – I have seen that message when one of their stations wasn’t working in the past…

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Ohh! Good point!

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No. That was my point. Live tv on the Recast, and direct to tv tuner was fine. For some reason, Tablo got messed up on one station during the short server outage. Tabl’s error message was amusing, but totally wrong.

I think it is related to the Tablo recording whatever live tv you are watching in order to provide pause/rewind capability. After what may have been a short server outage, I could not get CBS live to work properly until I did a cold restart of the Tablo. The stream seemed to get caught in a weird recording loop, and Tablo displayed a reception error (???).

I’ve actually noticed a little of this behavior at other times while watching live tv. Tablo buffers and stutters and then the live stream resumes. After this happens, if I compare the stream timing to the same channel streaming to another tv, it is way late. This tells me I am watching a slightly delayed recording vs true live tv in that instance.

I would love to have a Tablo setting to turn that behavior off. The only buffering that should be involved in streaming live tv is the minimum necessary directly in a memory buffer to process the signal. There should be no read/write going on with storage unless I want pause/rewind capability on live tv.

This, plus the seemingly strong ties/interactions with the Tablo servers, is going to kill this device.