Series recording using wrong channel sometimes

We live in an area where we receive network TV from 2 different cities, Cincinnati is close with strong signal. Dayton is farther away and sometimes cuts out. I like to keep both in the channel listings due to different content in the overnight hours.
Problem: I set a series recording for CBS in Cincinnati (WKRC channel 12.1) and the 1st week Tablo will record the show on that channel. Then the 2nd week Tablo records the show on CBS in Dayton (WHIO channel 7.1). Everything records fine, but I’m afraid that if the weaker Dayton channels fades out of range, that the show might record dead air that week.

In the advanced options for the scheduled recording you can specify which channel you would like it to always record from…

Having said that, I don’t which Tablo you have, so if you have the 4th Gen Tablo, someone who owns one will need to confirm that option is indeed available in the 4th Gen apps.

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It’s possible to limit your recordings to a single channel.

Find that show by going to Library and then Scheduled and then open the series you’d like to change.

Near the top of the screen (under the show’s description) you’ll see Edit Series Recording and Series Recording Options. Choose the second one (Options) and if you click on the Channel button you will be able to select the station you’d like to record this program on for now on.

Unfortunately, this only lets you pick one station. Example: if show is on 3 stations but you only want to avoid one, you can’t pick 2 of them.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks! This did the trick. Didn’t know this option was available.
FYI…mine is the 4th gen, 2 channel.