Series recording questions

I’m a new user of about 1 week, and the various outages have me a little concerned. As someone that works in software support, I’m hoping that updates will make this better. I still have time to return my 4th gen 4 tuner model to Best Buy should these issues persist as well as the following question.

I set up a series recording for sesame street, which is aired on both the main PBS station as well as one of its sub-channels PBS kids. My schedule options are set to keep the last 20 episodes, any channel, and record all episodes. However looking at the upcoming scheduled recordings, only the episodes airing on the main channel are shown with the “rec” label (and have only recorded, so it’s not just a visual misrepresentation).

This screenshot should show what I mean. Green indicates either expected recordings or correctly indicated no recordings since that episode was already recorded. Red indicates that I think they should’ve been recorded, some of which have record labels for dates or times after that specific airing. It seems that even though I have the setting for “any channel”, only the primary HD channel is set to record.

Any thoughts on what I may be doing wrong?


Have you tried deleting the upcoming schedule and then rescheduling it a few minutes later?

I have with no success, and unfortunately tonight every other time I try to get to tablo, regardless if it’s my tcl Google TV or android phone, it sits at the “connecting” screen.

I really want to like this, but each day seems to get worse.

It sounds like you might also be experiencing some network issues.

Have you tried a quick reboot of the Tablo itself? Simply press the button on the bottom once and give it a few minutes.

It’s possible these two issues could be related, since the guide is downloaded from the internet.

If the Gen4 is similar to legacy, if the same show (at least same season/episode) airs on multiple channels, it will first prioritize the highest resolution. Beyond that, I assume it may just go for the lowest channel number? Not certain if same show but different eps will affect it, or if it just treats them separately.

I appreciate the responses. First, I believe the slowness / stuck on connecting screen may have been due to overheating. When I first got the Tablo, it was on top of my TV stand for testing purposes. After I saw it working (and really liked how it worked), I moved it to the back of the TV stand which is enclosed on 3 sides, but the back is open. It has never been a problem for my AV receiver or PS3. However I did notice that the Tablo felt pretty hot when I went to reboot it.

The move to the TV stand was the day before the weekend server outage, so I was chalking up the intermittent behavior to server issues. I moved it back to the top of the TV stand in the open (hidden behind a photo so my 18 month old doesn’t try to play with it) and it has been stable since.

It is hardwired to a Gigabit switch, same as the TV, so I’m pretty sure the network side of things are good. I’m also using an external 1 TB HD for storage.

Back to the series recording question… I think that it is preferring the HD version of a show over the SD version like was mentioned above. Although the SD version airs on a different channel on dates sooner than the one indicating as going to be recorded. There may be some logic to the “lower channel number” as well. This show is aired on different days and times between the main PBS station 13.1 and one of its sub-channels 13.5 (PBS Kids). I’m just trying to build up a library of Sesame street episodes for my daughter and was hoping that setting the schedule to record all episodes from any channel would mean that it would do it “first come, first serve”, regardless if there is a higher quality version later that week / month.

It is and does choose HD vs. SD.

But it will choose OTA over FAST despite FAST having better quality than a 480p station…