Sensitivity of tuner compared to TV tuner?

I have a ChannelMaster DVR+. I get much better antenna reception when connected to my TV directly than through the DVR+. I have read similar complaints online about the Tivo DVR product. That means some broadcast stations I can watch on my TV will not work well through the dvr.

I am wondering if the Tablo would work better. Anyone know how the Tablo tuner sensitivity compares with a standard TV tuner?

“If your signal is already quite strong, you may be able to split your signal between two devices (like a Tablo DVR and a single TV) without the need for a distribution amplifier. However, unlike a TV with a single tuner, your Tablo OTA DVR contains either 2 or 4 tuners which can result in some signal loss despite its built-in pre-amplifier.”

So, generally speaking, a TV is probably going to have at least a bit better signal since it’s a single tuner.

This is probably a dumb question but here goes. I’ve wondered about splitters (even at some level the split that is going on inside of a Tablo). Does the signal only become weaker if both tuners are actively in use “drawing” signal for active “use”, or does the split only ever make half of the signal available at any time whether both tuners are currently in use or not?

I do not have a splitter. I have a physical switch. The antenna connects first to a ChannelMater signal amplifier. Then via the switch it goes directly either to the TV or the DVR.

My suggestion is to make the setup as simple as possible, and temporarily remove the switch and extra cables. A connection directly to the antenna is the best test. Any connector (even the barrel connectors that connect two cables together) will have some loss on signal. They can also create noise that prevents good reception (a cable is shielded, connectors, splitters, and switches are not).

Depending upon the signal strength, the amplifier can also be overdriving the signal to the Tablo device. Amplifiers also amplify the noise along with the signal. Removing all the extra stuff eliminates the possibility of problems.

If the direct connection gives good results, then try extra device at a time until there is a failure.

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Although this post has some extraneous information it directly answers your question:

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Thank you, great explanation!

A quality splitter will be labeled with the drop (not necessarily loss) for each port. Most 2-way I’ve seen are 3db. Generally, if this kills your reception, it’s not great to begin with.

A 3-way may be “balanced” 5.5dB each or “unbalanced” one at 3.5dB, 7dB, 7dB so all splitters are not the same. It’s better to have a balanced 3-way than a 2-way then another 2-way.

So tablo does split the signal, but if you have a good signal it should have little to no impact.

The quality of the hardware, I believe is what you actually asked about… has been glossed over it seems.

If you search for weak signal, segmented recordings, rebooting - you’ll find results relating to ~“signal quality”. More often it seems likely as though “weak signal” is likely a generic error message.

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Been cord cutting 20 or more years now and very normal to lose channels with a DVR and happens with HDHR, Tablo, Recast and even my TiVo Bolt. I can get about 80 channels on the above DVR’s, but I get 20 more direct to my TV.

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