Send to Chromecast?

I can send NetFlix and other streams in my Chrome browser to Chromecast.  Not having this means I have to have 1 tablet per TV I am sending to, correct?  I have 3 laptops and 2 tablets so how it stands now, I could never watch TV on more than 2 TVs (and I have large family with 4 TV’s).  Seems to be a pretty basic function missing.

I would add, IF I could send via an Android phone, I have 4 of those…can’t download the app.  Might try side-loading it to get around this issue.

@davejhahn - We’re working on adding Chromecast support for the web-based app and later the iOS app. That should give you more Chromecast flexibility.

Thanks for the response–appreciate it.

I did side load it on my Android phone and was able to send.  Why is it blocked as incompatible in Google Play?

@davejhahn WHat is your screen resolution?  My 7" android tablet was blocked on play because it was 800x600

@davejhahn - The app was designed for high resolution screens that are 7" and larger. On devices that don’t meet these specs, the app could look weird or not display correctly leading to a lot of frustration which is why we suggest using the web-based app on unsupported devices because it scales automatically to fit the screen size. 

Thanks—understandable, but I have no intention (or not a primary intention) of watching on a 7" tablet.  I am watching on multiple large screen TV’s.  So to me, the app is essentially a remote.  So to require a Tablet to act as a remote is not really a plausible use case.  I downloaded a backup app on my tablet, backed up the Tablo app, emailed it to myself, and was able to install and watch (although wouldn’t be my choice device) and more importantly send via Chromecast.    

So now I’ll have 4 remotes in addition to the Tablets.

Something you should consider addressing (maybe an app version that IS a remote only).  There is no way that tablets are peoples primary viewing.

Well either I’m losing my mind or you guys are on top of things…7 hours after I posted this, there is now a Chromecast icon on the bottom (NOT the Chrome browser one on the top) and I can cast to TV now from a browser.

Not sure if this was intentional, I know some other WebApp stuff broke (e.g. playing and recording) but this is definitely a keeper.

Good work, let’s keep this going!’

Well it seems to be a feature now.  I had a bit of a unable to run the damn web app in Chrome, but when I was able to get it to work (was a white screen nothing) it came back with PLAY LIVE, RECORD, and as a bonus, the Send to Chromecast was still there.

I applaud the team for rolling stuff out–I would only warn you that with Agile requires a QA process that is AS GOOD.   Automated and manual testing are critical to ensure a GREAT product.