Selecting Tablo via a Roku

When I first select the Tablo icon on my Roku, I always get and error message saying that the Roku cannot connect to my Tablo. But it suggests I might “re-try”.

When I click on that, it then does connect everytime. Got me baffled. Any ideas?

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Not sure why this is happening, but I have encountered similar problem occasionally. Maybe someone else can steer us towards a solution.

And are you exiting from the tablo unit in the Roku app or are you disconnecting from the tablo unit.

I occasionally get this and I have narrowed it down, at least in part, to a network issue. I have a Netgear Nighthawk cable modem/router on one side of the house and on the other side of the house I have an ASUS router in Access Point mode connected via ethernet to the Nighthawk. I only get the problem on the Roku connected to the kitchen TV which is connected via WIFI to the ASUS. I swapped the Kitchen TV Roku with a Roku that was connected via WIFI to the Nighthawk. I also swapped the WIFI connections at the same time. Interestingly, the problem stayed on the Kitchen TV, now using a different Roku and now connected to the ASUS. Thus the problem stayed with the ASUS, not the Roku.

I’m exiting the Tablo app on the Roku, usually to go to another app like Netflix or Hulu. When I go back to the Tablo app on the Roku, that’s when it doesn’t find the Tablo on its first try.

When you say “exiting”, do you mean that you’re just hitting the home button on the Roku controller to leave the Tablo app? That’s what I do and so far I haven’t seen a reconnect problem going back into the app. I’m using a Roku Ultra.

Yes, that’s one way I encounter the issue.

But if I also just bring up the Roku (Ultra) output onto the screen, it defaults to the list of apps. Hitting any icon except Tablo immediately initiates the app and I’m good. Selecting the Tablo icon, I then get this “can’t locate” message. Every time.

But then if I select within the error message “Want to try again” – that always then works and I’m in the Tablo app. Not a fatal error, but it’s kind of annoying.

I’ll admit, our Roku 3s work great. The Ultras, not so much.

Doesn’t the tablo app try to remember the IP address of the unit and the menu position the app was in when the exit occurred. And that information is used when the app is re-launched.

And the disconnect doesn’t remember the IP address. and the retry message does nothing more then rediscover tablo’s ip address.

Try setting up DHCP reservation for your Tablo on your router, this is so it gets assigned the same internal IP address all the time. It is possible the internal IP address changes when the DHCP lease expires and then renews.

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Roku is a mature product and OS. An IP address is requested and obtained at Roku startup. After that the Roku OS should be requesting IP lease renewal at 50% of the remaining lease time.

If the router software just pulls the rug out from under the in use IP address and returns a new one maybe the router has a problem.

And that is easy to determine since a user can look at the IP address the router has assigned the Roku before and after the tablo app is exited. It’s actually on the tablo app settings page.

Thanks zippy and theuser86. Your thoughts seem very logical and could be the cause. 'll investigate soon.