Selecting shows

So when I go through the live TV menu and I scroll down to a program I wanna watch and I select the show and it’ll switch over to watch liveI can’t watch it live. It just makes a loud clicking Noise. Now I was under the impression that you just buy the tablet and you didn’t have to have a subscription and that it was like having a regular TV but it was free and you can record but now by all of these things I’m thinking as of course, you need a subscription it does cost you monthly fees. Is this the case? If so, I’ll hook up my antenna and I’ll get my DVR back out. I also recorded that are horrible pixelated that you can’t even see them and then I have had some in my library that say failed. I have cut all of my connections and my Internet speed is good is a new device high speed the highest you can go. Also you’ll be watching a program and it just shuts off and sometimes totally signed you out of Tablo. I’m getting really really tired of it.

Let us know which model Tablo that you are using?
Using an external hard drive?

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