Select delete watched but Tablo deletes All videos

It happens several times so I rather mention it here to see if someone can fix it. I was trying to free some spaces on my Tablo hard drive, first I selected “deleted failed”, it did the job; then I selected "delete watched, but this time both “delete All” and “delete watch” buttons were highlighted RED and it literally deleted all the videos (dozens of them) although there were about one or two videos were actually “watched”. It’s just not normal.

Was the disk full and was auto-delete on.

Careful, auto-delete doesn’t wait for the disk to be completely full.
My recordings were getting deleted when the disk had over 200GB of space free.

I believe auto-delete makes sure a percentage of the drive is free, so it’ll vary depending on drive size.

I didn’t tell them to turn on auto-delete. I ask if it was on.

Some users claim that auto-delete didn’t work before the disk was full. And of course if auto-delete was on and the disk was full and a few episodes were deleted would that in turn trigger auto-delete.

For months, it was in the 70-80 Gig ranges. I think this has nothing to do with auto-delete since there were still 60-70 Gig before this happened. Actually, I have seen auto-delete really works. I just wonder if the new firmware has anything to do with it since I owned this unit for 3-4 years already I never experienced such behavior. There are TV-show that I recorded more than 100 episodes from different seasons, my intention was to remove the one I actually watched and keep many of them there until I have time to watch. But, all episodes are gone after I hit delete watched. What I meann is there seems to be a bug that makes delete watch = delete all.

Or I wonder if it could also be some odd issue in your Tablo database where they had the watched flag as yes even though you are saying they hadn’t actually been watched. Still has the same results, just saying it could be the issue isn’t actually the delete watched functionality.

Now I have 300GB space. Only one click clean me up that much space of the same show. I never had this issue before (and this happened a few times already).

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I have not had this problem but then you HD is a lot more full. Now that you have more room is the feature working properly again. Pick a show you would not mind if you lost them all and try it.

I got this Tablo when it first came out and until now. The auto delete was always on but it never actually deleted anything. It complained when the space ran out and I had to delete the shows myself. So, I don’t think that was the case. I did use the delete watch often to clear old watched videos and never got into the problem that it deleted everything until recently. I am just wondering if the new firmware update has anything to do with it. No big deal. I can live with that.

I have auto delete on but it does not work and of the HD gets full all new recordings fail.