Select Channel to record from based on signal strength

As everyone knows, the strength of various stations varies based on time of day and year.

I’ve missed several episodes because a normally strong station’s signal is bad at the time of recording. In one case, it was caused by the transmitter going off line, which I’ve discovered happens a lot in my area for multiple stations.

It would be nice for a show that is on multiple stations that tablo pick the station to use based on the signal strength at the time of recording.

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I have a similar problem living between Milwaukee and Chicago. I have had to remove a Chicago channel from my Tablo so that I could record clean shows out of Milwaukee. Before this table selected the Chicago channel which would become un-viewable during the recording. However, I now cannot record sports games that are specific to the Chicago market without re-enabling that channel and keep it active until the game ends.

I should be able to force a specific channel when multiple channels are available for recording on a network station like CBS, NBC or ABC where signal variable strength or market specific programming is available.

Have a friend living half way between Chicago and Milwaukee. He installed two antennas, each pointing at a different city to get maximum signal strength on all channels regardless of direction. Combined the two antennas and now he doesn’t have any signal strength problems for either market.