Seeing Tablo time off by 1 hour on Chrome browser & Android Phone/Nexus Player

Seeing some strange behavior the past couple of days, or at least that’s when I first noticed it.

In my Chrome web browser and on Android (Samsung Galaxy S6 & my Asus Nexus player, both running Marshmallow) I’m seeing the displayed time off by one hour… one hour later than real time. In fact, the information in the live guide is one hour later than normal as well.

The strange thing is, that on all of my Roku devices, the displayed time and the information in the live guide shows up correctly.

I’ve re-verified my zip code, and re-scanned my channels, and also rebooted the Tablo, but the above described behavior is unchanged. Also cleared the cache in my browser, disconnected, resync, etc. When I clear the cache and re-sync, the displayed time is correct for a shot period, and then jumps ahead by 1 hour.

All other behavior appears to be normal, including guide updates, playing/recording, etc.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Looks like another channel re-scan has fixed it.