Seeing Programs in Recordings that aren't Recorded Yet

Hi all (I am hoping Tablo support sees this post),

I see programs in “Recordings” that are not recorded yet - no “watch” or episode, etc. information. What is this?

Also, I see the word “Favorites” where a name should be of an upcoming show (name in PBS listing) instead of the real name so that I might deal with “conflicts” - I don’t know that the show might be and when I go to TitanTV listing, it just says “Pledge Programing” - I guess it is something I scheduled but what?

Also, it would be nice to see in Recording listing of episodes what channel (just the name say like 63.3) that it recorded from - this is the listing where you drop down what episodes are recorded and it says the name of the episode , date and time - could that be added? It is nice to know as I still have a station not coming in as well as others and I could delete that episode (if necessary without looking to see if it is pixilating) and hopefully have another station give me that episode in the future.

I really like the conflict notification and resolution options - thanks! Over all, the Tablo is a great product - thanks. Oh, and if I could have a wish list of improvements - I would love for it to record Roku stations - you have an app for the Roku to talking (getting information off) to the Tablo - how about it talking back the Tablo and giving information? And of course, I would like editing feature to edit commercials and a way to input my DVD collection on the Tablo hard drive so that all my videos are in one place. I know about Plex but the version I have just dumps everything on the screen even if you have them neatly in sub-drives - it would be nice to have my DVDs well organized as well. Thanks for letting me dream and help with these other issues, Jan

The recordings page will show programs that are still in the process of being recorded although not yet completed. You will not see FF icons during the recording process. I suppose that’s intended to assure you that the recording is actually taking place.