Seeing a lot of reruns being recorded this week

I wonder if it had anything to do with networks making last minute changes because of the world series. The shows were set to only record new ones, and were tagged as new in the guide.

Anyone else see this? By way of example, a couple of he shows were Law and order SVU, Chicago Police and Seal Team.

Same here.

The guide data marked the SVU ep as episode 6 and new. It was a re-run. So the guide data was wrong and it recorded it thinking it was new.

Discovered another one. Criminal Minds actually recorded as Seal Team. I think the folks who do the guide had some issues this week. I expect I’ll uncover more as I go through my recorded shows.

All the changes were due to the World Series. Most did not want to waste a new show when they knew viewership would be down.

That’s what I figured, tho seems to have gotten it right.