See all shows scheduled for recording

Currently, ‘Scheduled’ only shows stuff that is coming up within the 14 day window Tablo has downloaded data for. With some shows not showing re-runs over the summer, those drop off the map. Request feature to see all shows scheduled for recording regardless if there is anything being broadcast within the next 2 weeks. If there’s nothing within the next 14 days, just have a little note that says, “No scheduled airings within the next 14 days” or something similar and still give the option to change recordings from ‘New’ or ‘All’.


You can see all the schedules two different ways. It works on the iPad app and it works using a Firefox browser on a PC (don’t know if it works on Firefox for an Apple computer).

It’s been a while since the Tablo folks discussed it, but there was a performance problem when it was there for other platforms, so the current way was implemented. With all the changes since then, it might be time for the Tablo folks to look at this again.