"See all my channels", Gen 4, on tablotv.com

When I enter my zip code 53083 it says I will only get 5 OTA channels and that “Tablo may not be the best fit for me”. I currently get 74 channels with my OG Tablo. I know these things tend to under estimate the number of channels but this seems a bit excessive. And it may turn potential customers away.

I do like the Channel Detail report that can be displayed after you enter your zip code. It looks like that report won’t show any stations more than 40 miles away, even though an outdoor antenna can reach farther than that. That is why it is showing so few channels for you, even though the middle and outermost rings on the map shows a lot more.

I tried it for my parents’ zip code (they live about 40 miles from Nashville), and one station was 40.4 miles away, and it wouldn’t show on that report.

You are located like I am, just outside a major city (Pittsburgh). When I enter my zip I get 5 stations, when I enter the closest zip code for Pittsburgh I jump to 54. Try that.

I wish they had the ability to enter more than one zip code for the search. Like you I get over 60 stations, many of them are located near the city of Greensburg. Since I am between Pittsburgh and Greensburg I get both sets of stations.

I just did a test for me, and it says 103 OTA channels. Pretty close to the 100 my HDMI Tablo actually gets, although I only put 34 in my guide. My TV gets 103.