Secret menus in Tablo?

So, we know about the secrete menus in the Roku. What about Tablo? Are there secret menus to get more detailed information?

I’m specifically interested in getting detailed information about the OTA signal quality. RSSI and SNR would be great information to help me fine tune my antenna system.

There are no secret menus, though the Tablo folks do have access to the logs of any Tablo from their headquarters.

Is it possible for us, the Tablo owner to read the logs using a web browser? http://ip-of-tablo.whatever and get to them, or ssh ip-of-tablo or telnet ip-of-tablo?

That would work. What I’d specifically like to look at is RSSI and SNR on a per channel basis.

I added an LNA to increase the signal quality on some more distant stations but I think I might actually be over saturating the receiver on stronger stations. If I could just look at the signal quality information on a per channel basis I could probably make better decisions.