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My primary television market is Birmingham, AL. I am using zip code 35147. I was finally able to pull in 2 channels from the Montgomery, AL market (they are nearly impossible to pull in from my location). As you can see in the photos below, the guide data only shows for my Primary market channels. On the fireTV, I can’t even watch these channels because there is no guide data and I can’t select a specific channel. Tivo is great about adding guide data on whatever channels come in. I even tried entering in a Montgomery, AL zip code and then only the two channel data showed up. Oddly, it wouldn’t let me select or view either of the channels with the Montgomery zip code. I reset back to zip code 35147 and that is what you see in the pic below.

If this is a manual support update, it would be great if Montgomery, AL and Huntsville,AL markets can be added to Birmingham, AL market. I have also been able to successfully pull in Huntsville stations in the past.

The two channels I am able to pull in are:
32-1 WNCF-DT (ABC)


For requests like this (extra channels), the Tablo folks want you to submit a ticket to them.

@koltasi - Yes please!

Send us your Tablo’s MAC address, your zip code as well as the call letters of the channels you’re not receiving guide data for. We’ll get it patched up for you.

Done. I have a new pre-amp on order and hope to add a few more. Fingers crossed. Thanks!

@snowcat How long does the process normally take? Thanks!

Since you are trying to pick up existing channels (just far away ones) as opposed to new channels, it just take a few days to a week to get it done. Getting brand new channels can take longer.

thanks. i appreciate the info.

New channel was MUCH FASTER than 17-5 for me, but like you said, that was the exception to Tablo’s usuall fast service.

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I live on a high hill near 3 different TV market areas. I can easily receive many channels from my primary market (Boston) but can also receiver from the southern New Hampshire and the New Bedford MA/Providence RI markets.

I’d also like so see the channel scan option added in the setup menu to “Scan for additional channels with new ZIP code” (Add to existing list).

Agree. Same situation.

I am able to receive channels in multiple markets as well. My secondary markets offer 30+ extra channels. Not being able to add them is holding me back from purchasing a Tablo, and what drove me away from TiVo. My current setup is clunky but at least it scans all available channels.

Can/will anything be done about this?

If you get a Tablo, and give @TabloTV your zip code, and your channels you get, then within a week, you’ll have them all. _

The issue I’m worried about is that it would take multiple zip codes. I have an antenna at 50’ with a small pre-amp and I get stations nearly 100 miles from here. As long as they don’t mind adding all of those then I’m game.

All you do is give them your local zip code and tell them all the channels that you can pick up. The Tablo folks then can add all of those channels to you local zip code list (even if most people in your zip code can’t get those channels).

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Fantastic, thank you for your explanation!

@Michael_Dwyer - Yep, just pop us over a note to let us know what your Tablo can pick up but that your zip doesn’t have data associated for. We’ll get it fixed up ASAP.