Seattle area reception problems

Is anyone out there having problems with KIRO 7? Ever since the the repack, I can’t receive 7 consistently. It will work great for days and then I get the weak signal notice. It seems to be worse in the evening. I’ve been confused on which transmitter I’ve been trying to choose in the guide. I’m north of Bremerton and 15 miles from the Queen Anne towers. Tiger mountain is pretty much the same direction. I’ve been bouncing back and forth between the two channel 7 in my guide trying but can’t get either one to be reliable. Does anyone know if Queen Anne is having problems?

Here’s my report from rabbitears if that helps anyone

Little late on the reply, but yes I too live in Bremerton and have had problems with KIRO TV 7 after the FCC repack. I finally broke down and purchased a second Tablo and pointed that antenna to the KIRO repeater [K26IC-D] in Silverdale. So far, so good. Down side is that you have to pay for the guide subscription if you want it on the second Tablo. I am very annoyed by that and won’t do it. What I would like to see is a Tablo where you can connect at least two antennas to a Quad Tablo so they can be pointed in different directions. I’m sure I am not the only customers who lives between TV markets and stronger repeaters.

Users are already doing this using coax cable splitter like this:

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Channel 7 was working great this morning but l’m still having problems occasionally. I would’ve also used a combiner to use two antennas for both directions but the Silverdale translator is behind too many hills for me.

I thought about that and did some research on that and found this

The short answer was concerns about multi path interference and that you need a particular set of circumstances for that to work. I also didn’t have on hand two identical antennas, or that the paths were going to be in sufficiently opposite directions.

Due to the number of concurrent users I have at home, a rotor was also not going to work, but could be a viable option for others who don’t have this issue.

For less that $140 (Tablo Lite with 120GB SSD attached via USB) , problem is solved and I can use my Roku Streamingstick+ to choose which Tablo that is point to the towers I want to watch.

I’ve been having problems for months, I finally emailed engineering to see if they could give me any info. Here’s his response.

“Unfortunately this tells me you’re one of the folks that are impacted by the “shadow” created with this new transmitter setup. Our antenna is mounted on the eastern side of our tower and when we combine this with the decrease in power for the new transmitter the signal is being partially blocked by the leg of the tower itself. People closer to the tower only see a small decrease in power, but the farther out you get the more the signal drops off. It isn’t effecting everyone the same, but the more “in line” with the tower leg” you are, the worse it gets. Some people can get our signal partially, some not at all. A few folks have had luck with some high powered antennas and aiming them at our Bremerton translator, but it’s a “Your mileage may vary” sort of situation.”

Crap. I guess I got some work to do. With all this talk about Antop antennas, I might be doing some shopping.