Search Function

When using the search function on the Amazon Fire TV, the characters entered on the screen do not appear in the search line until the NEXT button is pressed. Also, I cannot get out of the search function without rebooting the device.

Almost the same issue here. Using FireTv and Tablo App 1.1.7. The “search” functions on screen keyboard UI does not echo the selected characters in the text/display box as they are being selected. Whatever has been selected is returned to the search function when ‘next’ is clicked, so that is working fine. If the on screen keyboard is brought up again, the text/display box displays the previous search string, but the display is static and does not change when selecting new letters or selecting delete from the keyboard.

Take a look please.

Hey guys - we’ve got this listed as a known issue. There are some limitations we’re trying to work around with the keyboard integration here.

Bug reported in December. Now it’s September. The bug in the search box is still there.

Just wanted to add my “me too” for this issue. On Fire TV the characters entered into the search box are not echoed so you can’t see what was typed which is extremely annoying. However, the search does actually work. But when you return to the search input to enter another search the previous search text is visible but is never cleared or overwritten with the newly entered characters. Any ETA on a fix for this?

Fire OS Version: (587444320)
Tablo Version: 1.3.3