Search function for your recordings

Here’s an idea (that, not unlike other good ideas, will likely be ignored)…
What about the option to search for a particular recording folder based upon the title/keyword?
Many users can, over time, have many shows, movies, etc. recorded. Lots and lots of titles.
Having to search alphabetically or until you recognize the cover art (if it happens to exist on that particular day🙄) can be tedious and clunky (especially if you have 50, 100 or even more folders).
Just as there’s a search option for potential airings, why not a search option for recordings as well? This shouldn’t have been overlooked.
Not neccesarily a game changer…but what I would consider (along with several other overlooked features) very convenient (aka, more user friendly as opposed to being less user friendly).

What app are you using? In the Android app and Windows 10 app for example, there IS a search function in the Recordings screen. It’s a magnifying glass in the upper right.

I’m using Roku exclusively.
My only intention is to use the Tablo for TV’s.

We mainly use the Recent recordings screen, so I never noticed search was missing. I can see if you had a great number of recordings a search function would be useful.

On Roku, you can navigate to the right side of the screen in recordings and then scroll based on letter. Should be good enough to find what you’re looking for.

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I’m aware of this but it’s a far cry from a search option! It’s clunky, time consuming and not the best solution.
There CAN be an actual search function for your recordings folders on the Roku app.
Why can’t this be implemented??
There needs to be uniformity between apps.
If you can search your recordings folders on the Android app (for example), there’s no reason why that same, simple feature can’t be incorporated into the Roku app (the single most popular Tablo app, by far)!
Just another example of a feature we should have but (likely) never will.
Where are the mysterious “improvements” mentioned every time there’s an update??
Surprise us for once, Tablo!..please!

Of course there’s no reason they can’t run the same OS/firmware.

“No reason” as a developer, you’ve written app that are portable between Roku and the various Android versions?

You can’t have the same feature (especially one that’s this basic) on two different apps?
What does that have to do with the OS and/or firmware?
Different apps can’t have similar (or even same) features, in your estimation?
Perhaps I’m confused… perhaps not. :thinking:

Could Brightscript be like VB on LSD. And not all acid trips are good.

The major difficulty in programming for any device is this - the API (application program interface) that allows communication from streaming device (i.e. Roku/FireTV/etc) and the source (i.e. Tablo) is different for every type of device. Tablo has to use different programming techniques for Roku, FireTV, AppleTV, IOS, Android, browsers (yes, even Chrome, Edge & FireFox are different), PC Based applications, etc…

And to make things worse, there are different levels of hardware (i.e. Roku Ultra 2019 vs. Roku Ultra 2020), different OS versions (with every OS update, they may or may not change the API language), and the programmers at Tablo and other companies have to scramble to keep up.

Not an easy thing to keep up with.

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I do believe feature parity between apps is one of the things they are really working on right now.

Having said that, as @ronintexas implied, I don’t know if there might be any API limitation on Roku that would prevent the ability to add a search function. One would hope not.

The basis of an API is a “label” (i.e. channel up) that goes to a function (changes the channel + 1). They (Roku) will have their labels that can utilize the functionality. If they don’t create a label for “search”, then the Roku device won’t understand what to do.

The Roku was specifically designed to handle streaming service (i.e. Netflix, Hulu and a couple of others) years ago, and they continue to look to those sources for enhancements to their operating system.

That being said, I am not a programmer for Roku or Tablo, nor do I have the specifications for their applications or API… I am basing my comments only on my experience as a computer programmer…and end user of the devices.

The claim - apps work the same regardless of OS/firmware…

Maybe the app layout restricts what buttons(actions) can be perform in what frames and if the actions are even available in some frames.

And when you look at roku apps maybe that is why you see a ton of scroll down with horizontal(left/right) ribbons. Some that cover the whole pane(frame) and some that are crawler type ribbons. And data entry panes loften limited to certain panes.

Maybe that’s why on a channel app like pluto the search exists in the left pane and is a search if the whole site. For tablo that would be search of recordings and TV shows, and movies, sports, and maybe primetime. Not just one category.