Search for TV shows with Tablo/Firestick

I have a Tablo Dual Network DVR. I am using it with a new Firestick 4K Max. It seems to me that, when I was using my Tablo with a Roku Ultra, I could search for TV shows. I do not see how to do such a search with a Tablo Dual and a Firestick? Is there a way?

It does seem that the Search feature is not supported on the firestick app. At least, I cannot find it but then there are lot’s of things I can’t find. One of the ‘charms’ of the Tablo system is that the various clients offer different features. It does seem that there would be a set of required features. As an aside, one of the nicest things about the firestick app is the ability to do skips by either 10 or 20 second increments. I don’t believe any of the other clients offer multiple skip intervals.

The search feature is implemented in the various phone and desktop applications so you COULD use your phone to search. This is not a direct answer but could alleviate the apparent deficiency in the firestick application.


Thanks a lot for your reply! The phone idea is one I should try it.

Would you please tell me where you can set your Firestick/Tablo combination to jump 10 or 20 seconds each time you press the “Fast Forward” button. Ours now skips 20 seconds, which is apparently the default. We have also found that only on Tablo recorded shows and Amazon does Firestick do that 10 ro 20 sec. fast forward. Netflix just goes to 2X or 3X and keeps going, when I press Fast Forward.

A few of the functions of the firestick remote in the Tablo app are not obvious. The 10 second advance and reverse is done using the right and left arrows of the big round control near the top of the remote.

This blog post is a good resource for how to use the firestick remote.

I hope this helps even more - happy viewing!

Thanks a lot for the info!

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Hi there @iamchemist,

You are correct, there is currently not a text search feature on the Android/Fire TV application. However, in the guide screens (ie TV Shows, Movies, Sports), if you go all the way to the right side of the screen, you can navigate by first letter. While it is not exactly the same as a direct search, you should quickly be able to still find what you are looking for.

Great information!