Search Bug - when show has "The"


Noticed a small but when using the search within Tablo: it looks like when a show is called “The Something”, the search will not find it when you search for “The Something”. Instead, searching for “Something” pulls it up.

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The search logic should just ignore the word “the” when searching. If it was included, you would have a list of “The” shows. I noticed it searching for The Late Show.

I know this is an old thread, but the search logic is still messed up when titles have “The” in them.

  1. If you just search for “the”, all the titles with “the” in them show up.
  2. If you add words to the search, it only works if “the” is not the first word of the title.

For example, I can’t search for “The Good Place”. I can find it with “The” or “Good” or “Place” or “Good Place”. But if I search for “The Drive”, I get “College Football: The Drive to Atlanta”. Or if I search for “The Class”, I do get “Head of the Class”.

I would like it if the search logic was fixed so that users could search for titles that begin with “The”. (Mainly because I just started getting into The Good Place.)

I noticed this same bug pretty early on. It still needs to be fixed.

I’m sure the search bug is just one of a few bugs still remaining to be fixed.

Or maybe tablo has reached the end of the universe and the search bug is the last and only remaining bug.

I mentioned this to support at a casino with slot search. Turned out to be a Firefox problem. Searched using Chrome and it worked perfect.

Same problem happens on the Roku app and Android app. Not sure why the bland casino joke.

Problem with browser could be problem on devices.

Umm no, just no.

Really? Android uses an embedded browser, they all use various HTML, CSS, JS they aren’t they same yet have fundamental simlaries.

So… the possibility could exist sharing search routines? Just no? uhm?

On the word ‘The’ no…just no.

I’ve not tried, but I wonder if other 3 or smaller letter words work (‘big’ in big bang). They may have implemented a minimum word length parameter or decided ‘The’ returns too many results.

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Just tried ‘the’ on the iPad app, It not only found shows with ‘the’ in the title it also found words with ‘the’ in the name such as The0 and therapy.