Scrub entire episode on remote playback

I would love to be able to ff/rew through an entire episode when on remote playback. I usually use this feature to pick up where I left off on something so waiting for the episode to transcode and stream from the beginning is inconvenient and wastes data.

More ideas on this. Could this be solved with an option to automatically transcode recordings when a tuner is available? E.g. after an episode records, Tablo automatically creates a transcoded copy for remote viewing and saves it on the hard drive similar to how it populates the preview thumbnails?

  1. Multiple encodes is a great idea, but it would take up a ton space.
  2. What remote streaming quality (RSQ) are you using on your remote device? If you set the RSQ to Fully Quality, you can FF and RW as you please.
  3. What recording quality do you have your Tablo set to?
  1. Space is definitely an issue. It would have to be a user option or maybe by episode/series.
  2. RSQ is set to 500Kbps.
  3. Recording quality is set to 5 Mbps

Full quality for remote streaming is OK over wifi, but uses too much data on LTE. Even 500Kbps is about 225MB an hour, which is why it would be great to FF without streaming an entire episode. Given the option I’d rather store it on my Tablo HDD than encode on demand and stream the whole thing. With my setup it would only increase disk use by 10%.

I’m sure the dev pipeline is a year long and this is just a nice-to-have, but thanks for considering it.

Well let’s hope Tablo considers it an option to add.

The last kink in using FQ for the RSQ is what is the upload speed of the internet where your Tablo is located?

Upload is good (around 10 mbps or so). FQ is no problem for upload from home, just data consumption when not on wifi.