Screen goes blank when I launch tablo on ipad 2

Was watching TV last night - no issues.
Try watching this morning and when I launch Tablo the screen goes blank. I know there is a new update so I get the update via internet but the issue remains. I go to the app store to download the app again and as soon as I click on “get” the screen goes blank again. Have reset the unit with the little blue button.
Was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and what is the fix?

Have you deleted the app off the iPad and now can’t even re-install it from the App Store?

no not yet

What if I delete the app and get the same result ie. a blank screen.
Then what?

This sounds like you are trying to install the Tablo app on the iPad though? To install it again you must have deleted it off the iPad though.

Reinstalled the app.
Working as it should.
Not to sound ungrateful but there’s an hour and a half I will never get back.
I just want to sit down turn the thing on and watch tv. This is killing me.

No problem. Works fine here on my iPad Air.

But the iPad 2 is quite old no? What iOS are you even running on it?

It’s running version 9.0.2

I’m old too.
Guess it’s a generational, attitudinal thing.
I’ll never get used to a $500.00 device being “old” after 3 years.
I know that’s how quickly things change but if we could all just stop and catch our breath it would be helpful

Tech support is really good here. I get timely advice, and fixes.

If you’re using iOS 9 on it, why not update the iOS to 9.1 just in case that can cause problems?