Screen goes black

Tv screen goes black at end of commercial skip. Sound continues as normal

Sorry to hear that.

Can you provide some additional context for this? What device are you using to watch your Tablo content?

Does it happen after every commercial?

Does it happen on every recording?

Are you able to continue watching with video and sound if you exit the recording and return to it?

Does this happen on recordings if you disable commercial skip in the player?

Roku Express 4K
Happens every commercial
On all recordings
Can continue watching by exiting and return
Yes it happens when disabling commercial skip also

Parts of this problem are not new to roku release 11.5. I’m stll using 11.0 on an old roku 4200 using wifi.

Sometimes when a commercial skip is being processed there is a blank screen for a long, long time. It doesn’t happen on every recording. And I don’t think has anything to with the length of the skip or the recording size. It’s almost like it’s not sure where it is and has to scan the file from the front.

It is rather amusing trying to predict if the blank screen will be long enough for bathroom break.

Same here with the black screen when pressing the Back button. I have a Roku 4 running 11.5.0 Build 4235-17.

I saw an option “Auto Adjust Display Rate” (under Advanced Display Settings) that I never noticed before that was disabled, so I enabled it and watched the same recording again. For now that seems to have fixed the problem.

An interesting tidbit. Thanks for sharing.

Worth trying for other folks seeing this.

If you are seeing this issue and can reproduce it regularly, please take a video and send it to support:

Switched Roku Express 4K with Roku Stick-Stick works fine. Both running software version 11.5.0 Build 4235.

I should’ve mentioned that my TV is a 9 year-old Vizio and that the Roku’s Display Type was set to Automatic, and using 1080P.

For the heck of it I disabled the Auto Refresh setting and manually set Display Type to 1080P. So far that has also prevented the black screen from occurring.