Screen format changes mid-show on TheCW...?

Anyone else seeing this? We watch the “superhero” shows on TheCW (Supergirl, Arrow, Flash, DC’s Legends). Don’t watch much else on that channel. It is in my channel list as a 720p channel. Rockford, Illinois market if it matters (CWPLUS on 13-2).

What happensis we will be watching a recorded show and frequently (but not always) after returning from a commercial break, the display goes from a full-screen 16:9 good picture to what looks like an old 480i image - the 4:3 ratio with the big black bars on the sides of a square picture.

Is this a transmission issue? Anything I could be doing on my end to cause this? Really weird…

That’s the broadcaster screwing up when changing from the commercial feed back to the network feed. Nothing you can do about it.

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